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Dier elected President of LGA Board of Directors

2015-16 LGA Board President Michael DierLake George Lake George native Mike Dier has been elected as President of the Board of Directors for the Lake George Association.

Dier, who now lives in Queensbury, said that the LGA's mission of protecting Lake George water means that the organization must focus on taking actions now that protect Lake George water currently and in the future. The LGA's collaborative efforts with other organizations will continue, he added, because it is through those partnerships that the critical, in-the-ground work that actually protects the watershed happens.

"In recent years we’ve seen a strong sense of cooperation develop between the Lake George Association and municipalities, Warren County Soil and Water, the other non-profits, and the regulatory agencies like the Lake George Park Commission that work in the Lake George watershed,” Dier said. “That regular cooperation is beneficial for the current and future health of the Lake. In many cases, we can do so much more together to protect Lake George water than we could separately.”

“I got involved in the LGA because I saw that it was an organization of action – real, in-the-ground action that makes significant differences in the protection of water quality in Lake George,” Dier said.

“What’s also important is that the Lake George Association accomplishes that delicate balance of respecting the Lake’s needs and respecting the needs of the various Lake users and businesses that make the community thrive. It’s not easy to do, but it is important. We are all fortunate to be able to have and use Lake George – a resource that the LGA’s been preserving for more than a century,” he said.

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Who is the Lake George Association?

We are the Lake George Association – we protect Lake George water.

We save Lake George water quality each day because we develop and perform in-the-ground projects (stormwater control, pollution control, erosion control) dedicated to keeping Lake George’s water pure, and we develop and deliver educational materials (delivered in school, to homeowners and on the Lake with our Floating Classroom) aimed at informing students and residents about what actions they can take to keep Lake George water clean and healthy.


Video: Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers: Clean, Drain, Dry. Learn how to clean and decontaminate your boat, fishing and recreational equipment before you use it in a body of water.

Established in 1885, the LGA is the oldest lake association in the nation and a member of the SAVE Lake George Partnership.

Over the years, the Lake George Association's balanced approach to lake management has helped ensure the Lake's exceptional water quality, as well as the environmental and economic viability of the entire watershed.

Our action-based programs are designed to conserve one of the most pristine and beautiful natural resources in our nation. A full-time staff, alongside countless members and community partners, are working hard today to protect Lake George water for tomorrow.  The staff specializes in communications, education, Geographic Information Systems, land use management, nuisance species control, stormwater project management and water quality.

The Lake George Association is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to saving Lake George water through in-the-ground projects to slow or stop stormwater and pollution, as well as developing and implementing innovative and popular educational programs for boaters, homeowners and schoolchildren that focus every day on keeping the Lake George Watershed clean.

With the support of a large membership that includes families, visitors, businesses, and seasonal and full-time residents, today’s LGA is very active in three main program areas: 

What's New at the
Lake George Association

What's New at the Lake George Association

LGA Purchases Sophisticated Salt-Spreading Equipment As A Test For Town of Lake George

Mike Dier of Queensbury elected to lead LGA Board of Directors

LGA staff assisted Park Commission on four of six days of Lakewide Asian Clam Survey

Download a copy of the Park Commission's 2015 Asian clam survey here

Froehlich Foundation Grants LGA $378,700 Toward Lake Preservation

LGA Wins $5,000 Grant From Wood Foundation For Youth Watershed Education Program

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Queensbury Fifth-Grader Wins LGA Bookmark Contest >> See Winning Bookmark Design Here

Lake George Association Giving Away Native Plants to Celebrate Earth Day

Lake George Association Investing $30,000 in Park Commission Boat Inspection Program

Lake Champlain Basin Program awards Lake George Association more than $20,000 in education and stormwater mitigation grants


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LGA Project Prevents Stormwater From Flowing Into Lake George at Mossy Point Boat Launch


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LGA Partners with Friends Point Homeowners' Association to Restore Shoreline


LGA Partners with Norowal Cabin Owners' Association to Install Native Plant Shoreline Buffer


LGA Honored with EPA's highest award!


Get all the details on the new mandatory boat inspection program at www.LGBoatInspections.com


LGA, LCBP, APIPP, and PSC Release Report on Boat Inspection and Decontamination Recommendations for the Adk Region


LGA and LCLGRPB Release Winter Road Maintenance Report





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